Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity for individuals, groups, or families that involves finding hidden containers known as geocaches by navigating to them using a hand-held Global Positioning System receiver (GPSr). Typically when you find a hidden cache, you sign the log in the container to let others know you were there. Cachers also sometimes trade an item in the container for another item they brought with them. Geocaches are currently hidden in all fifty United States and in over 200 other countries around the world.

Many geocaches are hidden within areas that are generally open to access by the public such as parks, national forests, etc. However, as the sport continues to grow, those placing caches are being more creative in where and how they place the cache containers. Land management agencies have legitimate concerns that geocaching and the hiding of geocaches may have an adverse impact on environmentally sensitive lands and sites of historical or archaeological significance. As a result, it is very important that cache hunters and hiders both follow the policies of the agencies responsible for the lands they enter. In addition, cachers should be sensitive to staying on trail, minimizing environmental impact, not trespassing on private property and other common-sense rules that can and should be self-policed. Only by demonstrating to land management that geocachers as a group are responsible and environmentally aware will the acceptance and growth of the game be allowed to continue.

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